Having the right mindset

  • Be aware of your negative self-talk.
  • Maintain a “deceptive brain message” thought log.
  • Assess your feelings
    • Locate the real source of and address your feeling(s).
    • Include how you feel in your DBM log.
  • A few common deceptive brain messages that can hinder success:
    • I’m not good enough.
    • I should have/I shouldn’t have.
    • I’m crazy/I’m a sick person.
    • I’m a bad person/I’m not as good as…
    • I don’t matter/Everyone else is more important than me.
    • I have no control.
    • I am unlovable/No one likes me/I will be alone forever.
    • All of my worth is in taking care of others/all I’m good for is…
    • I don’t deserve to be happy—I deserve to suffer or be punished.
    • I have an urge to escape reality/crave something that is not good for me or my goals.

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