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Healthy Living Portal offers activities and support that will promote overall health no matter where you are on your journey with diabetes.

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What We Provide

Having the right mindset

Having the right mindset

Be aware of your negative self-talk. Maintain a “deceptive brain message” thought log. Assess your feelings Locate the real source of and address your feeling(s).Include how you feel in your…

Solutions to healthier and better lifestyle decisions

Solutions to healthier and better lifestyle decisions

Recruit a coach. Arrange a sponsor to call/text when you feel overwhelmed. Delete people, places and things that do NOT share your goals. Keep healthy food options readily available and…

Food and Mood Management

Food and Mood Management

“Healthy” food helps to stabilize our moods.  A well balanced diet can lower our blood sugar, blood pressure and reduce levels of cortisol…the stress hormone.Elevated cortisol levels are present in…


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